Heckrotor Sticker 90mm-105mm (1046)

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3D Hologram Sticker für Heckrotor Blätter (1046)

Hollow Design Folie / Hologram Folien

Inhalt: 2 Stück

Diese Hollow Multicolor Designs werden im 2er Set paarweise ausgeliefert.
The Holographic blade decals produce very nice and cool compact disks look when you are flying under sunshine and when you hit the right angle you can also see the design in 4 to 6 places when the blades are spinning. This is an awesome effect.

These are accents that are designed and cut by computer. Very nice graphics and are made of high strength M3 adhesive. Simply wipe your blades with a mixture of alcohol or helicopter clean solution and apply the accents onto the blades.

All holo blade decals kits come ready to install. We provide a transfer tape layer that are already installed onto the accents which will make the installation a breeze. Just peel the transparent transfer tape up and line it along the blade.

Tip: Use sharp razor blade to cut off any excessive tail. Press down the accents a few times. A hair dryer or a lighter will help better adhessiveness.

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