Cellpro 10s Banana Output Cables

  • Artikel: CP10S-BP12-2PK
  • Hergestellt von: REVOLECTRIX

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CellPro 10S Kabel

Package of 2 Banana Plug-to-Bare Wire Cables for the Cellpro 10s Charger. Solder on the connector that mates to your LiPo or A123 battery pack's discharge wires for use with the Cellpro 10s charger to extend the charge rate capability for up to 10A on either Channel 1 and/or Channel 2. The Cellpro 10s is also capable of charging through the node connectors only; however, the charger will automatically limit max charge current to 4A to protect the smaller wires of the balance/node connector cable.
  • Size: 12 inches in length
  • Ratings: Will handle in excess of 10A
  • Outputs: Standard 4mm banana style plug
  • Features: 4mm Gold-Plated Bullet Connectors

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